April 29, 2011

My First Friendster Blogpost

Jan. 17, 2007
I just want to welcome you here
in my world…
you are very welcome!
be reaL!
you don’t need to be someone else…

Ang jeje lang, pero that is still true for my public and private blogs.
Tonight i had a chance to read all of my friendster blog entries and boy, ang jeje and ang arte ko talaga noon. my blog was all about ranting and flirtng. Gahd. =))

I owe friendster so much friendships, so much memories. I am really glad na it gave us a chance to look back and keep the memories alive. Sabi ko nga sa FB status ko, So thoughtful of Friendster to let us download our profiles and export our photos before it shuts down. Kahit pinabayaan natin siya, inalala pa rin niya tayo. Sana ganun lahat ng nagmamahal, noh? Iniwan na at lahat, pagmamahal pa rin ang pinaiiral sa huli. Hahaha. 

Tomorrow I'd be reading the comments and testimonials posted on my profile. Pati na rin ang photos of the past. Hay, kaya nga I love taking pictures. I love the things that remind me of the past. 

Friendster, I owe you a lot. :)

April 26, 2011

A Little Conversation With Him

San Francisco Church
My feet brought me to San Francisco. I didn't really know why I went there until I was inside. I have been bothered by a lot of things the past month, and I had an opportunity to think of these things last Holy Week. Yes, questions have been answered, yet the answers opened a whole lot of questions - the answers to which not within my reach.

I sat at the left side, leftmost of the pew. The choir was singing at the right, laborers were painting the walls of the altar, and there were a few other people praying with me. The church was silent except for the choir's singing, birds always chirping. If only I could hear what was going on the minds of the people there, the silence would have been shattered to bits. But of course, I could not hear any. Only my mind and my heart battling to find the answers and my soul longing for His words and embrace - so much was going on inside me that it was enough to break the silence that bounced through the walls of San Francisco.

I poured it in - my stories and my tears; my questions and my fears.

An hour has passed and I sat down.
Still, the answers are not within reach. Still, ruled by my doubts and fears. However, I walked out the Church, light-heartedly. I know I just needed to talk to Him.

"Sige lang, magmahal ka lang. Ano man ang nangyayari at ano man ang mangyari, ang importante ay nagmamahal ka."

April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Yes, sometimes I struggle to understand His ways. But I believe. I do believe in Him.

April 19, 2011


Quoting Raffy Magno in his FB Status,

Ang hirap namang penitensya ang di kita makita ng halos isang linggo. Kems! :p
Off to Ragay today. Have a Happy Holy Week everyone! Let this be a time of discernment, silence, and rest. These are much deserved by you. :) So excited to see hundreds of my relatives!
Aunt and Cousin on the Karo
Del Gallego Family

Garcia Clan, Holy Week 2010

April 17, 2011

Late Night Conversations

I don't know but it's when the rest of the world is sleeping that I tend to engage in deeper conversations with a friend. Yes, it happens in daytime, too. But there is something with late nights that brings up a certain element of secrecy and mystery, something my past experiences would testify. Late night conversations open up a lot of doors to new beginnings. It's when possibilities present itself to our surprise. It is when two people extend themselves to each other in greater length, much to the vulnerability to one another.

I don't know why I'm typing these. I don't even know if these things make sense still. It's a quarter after one, and I'm zombie sleepy. Maybe I just wish to have someone to talk to til we drop. Maybe I miss my late night texting and online buddies. Or maybe, I just miss talking. I was home alone all day and I had no one to talk except for some of my friends thru text and thru web. No personal or verbal conversation for me today. And tonight I'm left with no one to talk to, not even thru text or thru web. Well there are people, certainly. Just that none of these people I am comfortable to talk to tonight (err today). I texted certain friends to check if they're still awake - they're already sleeping. Oh I think I'm having major typos and grammatical errors. Again I'm zombie sleepy.

I want to talk to a friend, or two. From evening to morning, from waking up to going to sleep. But I guess, not today. Maybe some other day. Maybe I just miss friends. Maybe I just miss talking. Maybe I should sleep now. Pardon the randomness of this post. Only when I'm almost sleeping. Zzzzz.

Now thinking if I should publish this. Read it all over and it made no sense. Oh well, maybe tomorrow it will.